Philippine indigenous plants nanostructured as sustainable packaging material

Philippine indigenous plants are being turned into sustainable packaging material using the nanotechnology product developed by Filipino startup, Nanotronics Inc. Nanotronics is using its Emtex product, a nanoscale polymer derived from an indigenous crop of the Philippines, to create a [...]

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Dr. Jerome Palaganas – The story of Nanomaterials scientist to Co-founder & CEO of Nanotronics Inc.

Born as a young engineer in the semiconductor industry with more than 2 decades of experience and expertise in the field of R&D (research and development), Dr. Jerome Palaganas – co-founder & CEO of Nanotronics Inc., has successfully started the [...]

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PhilDev, DTI onboard startups in IDEA and ADVanCE programs

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) officially onboarded 26 startups to two recently-launched programs that are co-implemented by the said institutions. After screening more than 60 applications from startups across the country, DTI [...]

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EDC and Endeavor Philippines select three companies for its joint Open Innovation Program

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and Endeavor Philippines have chosen three companies to help catalyze innovation through its joint Open Innovation Program. The Philippines’ renewable energy leader EDC and Endeavor screened over 50 applicant-companies in a span of four [...]

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Founder Spotlight: The Future of Cleantech and Nanotechnology with Dr. Jerome Palaganas of Nanotronics

Founder Spotlight: The Future of Cleantech and Nanotechnology with Dr. Jerome Palaganas of Nanotronics One of the world’s most pressing issues is environmental sustainability and waste reduction. With the recent technological advancements and the aid of scientific research and development, [...]

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Nanotronics named as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers!

As of September 24, 2021, Nanotronics Inc has qualified and has been selected to be one of Hello Tomorrow's Deep Tech Pioneers. Nanotronics is among the 750 deep tech startups selected from the 4,000 deep tech startup applications from 115 [...]

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Deeptech Startup Nanotronics Scores 100K USD New R&D Funding

Philippine-based deep tech and clean tech startup, Nanotronics, which is basically a manufacturer of nanotechnology materials from indigenous plants, has secured 100K USD R&D funding. The funding is intended to advance the current nanomaterial products into a fully sustainable packaging solutions [...]

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Plug and Play Japan Selected 91 Startups for its Summer/Fall 2021

Global Innovation Platform, Plug and Play Japan KK (Japan office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Phillip Vincent, Hereinafter "Plug and Play Japan") has selected 91 Japanese and international startups into their Summer/Fall 2021 Batch, which will be carried out from June to [...]

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How 2 local startups are making positive impact on environment, communities

There are startups that go beyond their products or services by providing livelihood and innovating technologies at a time Filipinos need it most. Here, we get to know two local enterprises that are making positive impact on their communities and [...]

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